Our Mexico
Who creates Mexico in the heart of Kraków: 


It is said that the greatest treasure of Mexico are peppers, but here in Taco, we know that it’s not true, because the one who deserves this title is Gabriel Dallidet Jimenez, our expert in everything that is connected with Mexico.  He is a Mexican, born in a town which originated the independence movement. That became a source of Gabriel’s love towards his homeland. He also loves cooking, he spent most of his childhood time cooking with his mom.  He moved to Kraków eight years ago. Since then he teaches Spanish in language schools. However, he doesn’t only teach the language, he promotes Mexican culture as well. For him, teaching doesn’t mean knowledge of a language alone. He regards all cultural aspects connected with a language as equally important. 
Working with Taco Mexicano makes Gabriel very happy, since he not only has the possibility of creating authentic, regional Mexican dishes, but he may also organize and celebrate truly Mexican events to show people the beauty, culture and cuisine on his wonderful country.