Our Mexico
Who creates Mexico in the heart of Kraków: 


Our greatest culinary authority is Julia Barboza de Sztyler, the author of the online guide “Cook with Julia” for the enthusiasts of Mexican cuisine. Moreover, she is a co-owner of the Arriba company, which imports original Mexican products to Poland. Arriba’s goal is to promote Mexican culture in Poland and Polish culture in Mexico, which is achieved by an active participation in gastronomic expositions, travel shows, and sponsorship of snacks at Latin-American art exhibitions. 
Arriba popularizes music,  history, handiwork , and, above all, cuisine  which constitutes an amazing range of flavors and aromas, preserving a warlike Aztec spirit together with culinary preferences of conquistadors.  Thanks to Mrs Julia and her company, our guests have a chance of savoring this excellent cuisine  which, due to its authenticity,  doesn’t always resemble that which is served in other “Mexican” bars or restaurants.